Vega Norte Blanco Afrutado

This wine is made from the “Listan Blanco de Canarias” variety, which is the most widely planted white grapes variety in the Canary Islands due to its high resistance to diseases and difficult climatic conditions. The wines of this variety are characterized by adequate acidity and glyceric content, freshness and fruit aroma. The vineyard arises majestically among the centenary pine wood, being thus the unique scenery created by the effort and the knowledge of numerous generations.
Our spur pruning system is the traditional one and the vines are grown on their own rootstock on non-irrigated land. At this altitude the subtropical climate of the archipelago is combined and eventually transformed in the continental one, allowing the vineyard to experience the winter break (vegetative stop), an agreeable spring awakening and a summer with thermal changes that favour a slow ripening process.

GRAPE VARIETY: Listan Blanco: 90%

LOCATION: Tijarafe, Puntagorda and Garafía.


ALTITUDE OF THE VINEYARD: between 800 and 1200 meters.

ALCOHOL: 13.00 % Vol

NUMBER OF BOTTLES: 7000 bottles

PAIRING WITH FOOD: salads, dressed tomatoes, pickles, cottage cheese and sandwiches.

Colour: This wine looks clean and transparent. It is a brilliant strawcoloured wine with greenish rim.
Aroma: It smells of tropical fruit, pineapple, peach, melon and pear, with reminiscent of aniseed and herbaceous aromas .
Taste: Sweet first attact, fruity, good acidity with a delicate bitterness, well balanced. In retro-nasal they appear aniseed aromas, pear, pineapple.